Dear Consultants,

As communicated by our President Andor Viragh during his Special Conference on 11/03, given the evolution of the international situation and, above all, to safeguard the health of all members of the Community, it was decided to postpone the scheduled Dubai 2020 event due to Covid-19.

This decision was taken in compliance with the suggestions and emergency legal requirements of the countries involved, including Italy and the UAE. If we carried on with the event as planned, we would have certainly encountered public health problems firstly and also logistical problems.

Wisely, the event has been postponed. The date will be communicated as soon as the international situation is clearer. Those who have qualified for the event will retain the status without any problems.
Those who have bought their plane ticket independently, not taking advantage of the bonuses and promotions offered by Neworkom, can refer directly to their tour operator, agency or airline. Almost all of the above will offer you protection on your purchase, enabling you to reschedule your trip on a date to be set.

We are sure that you will understand that the health of our community comes first.
After all, the best day to change your life is today. Even to protect it.

Neworkom International Ltd.

Blk SCM01, Level 5, Room 501, Smartcity
SCM1001 Kalkara

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